Dissølv live in San Francisco 2016 KEYFRAMES Birthday
Track: Tangaroan Tides by Dissølv x Mixwell
Video: Diamond Sonic

The Polish Ambassador and Ayla Nereo (Wildlight) have always been inspirations for my music production with their eclectic electronic styles and spiritually-activating lyricism. We first met after they experienced my Calibrate Sound Healing installation at Northern Nights music festival in 2013. They were both extremely humble and receptive to my work and I’ve been waiting to collaborate ever since. Gratitude to Keyframe-Entertainment and Wildlight for giving me this opportunity to share my art and interweave our sounds. Ayla’s powerfully healing voice and David’s passionate artistry and ecological activism are such gifts to the world. I look forward to continuing to Dissølv my sounds deeper into the messages of healing through music, and using my opportunity as an artist with a voice in this community to make a change through activism and sustainability. Wildlight has lit the lantern to illuminate our souls!

Full Song Available Here!
Massive Thanks to UH1 Productions for making this video.

Dissolv live at the historic Warfield theatre in san francisco, california on 10/02/10

At it's birth, Dissolv was the Psychedelic Trance project of Liam Shy featuring Valentin Santana (Violin) and Lauren Keys (Piano) for Live Performances.

Many thanks to the previous artists who help create this ever-evolving project!