Watch STARMAN'S Visionary Video Journey!


Keyframe & IAMEVE co created a visionary masterpiece!

and you've got to watch it! 

Our Temple Bass remix of IAMEVE'S "Starman," co produced with our good friend Mixwell, takes you an intergalactic journey in this visionary video. Co created by Keyframe Entertainment and IAMEVE, this incredible production is a must see!

And to top it off, one of the dopest music blogs ONEEDM made a full feature about it! Watch the video and check out the article below: 

Introducing Keyframe's Music Video Remix of IAMEVE's "Starman"

OneEDM is proud to announce the world premiere of Keyframe-Entertainment's IAMEVE "Starman" Music Video Remix. While we are all familiar with song remixes augmenting popular tunes into various genres suitable to a diverse range of dance floors, remixing a music video is altogether new territory.

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