DISSØLV Playing Shows at Burning Man!

Hello Beautiful People! 


DISSØLV will be at Burning Man again this year! Check out our set times below! 


Monday 4:00-5:00pm : Camp Outpost 23 located at 6:00 & K

Monday 9:00-10:00pm : Basshenge located at 2:00 & G

Tuesday night 12:00-1:15 : The Purple Palace art car located/parked at 3:00 & the Man

Thursday night, Time TBA : The Vanuatu art car, location TBA 


We have some new music to share with everyone out on the Playa! Hope to see you all out there!


Valentin of DISSØLV

Spirit of Fire : New Single Off of Upcoming Root Frequency EP Release

Dissølv brings you a sneak preview of our new ROOT FREQUENCY EP

Spirit of Fire is now available for streaming on soundcloud...

Spirit of Fire (New Single Off of Upcoming Root Frequency EP Release)

!! Stay tuned for our upcoming full release in March !! dissølv_avatar 

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DISSØLV is back!

Image Hello friends!

After a bit of a hiatus to regroup and refocus, we are very pleased to announce that DISSØLV is back in action to bring you fresh music and shows for 2014!

It's been quite a journey for us ever since we started this project in 2010.  Performing at the Warfield Theatre, Burning Man and opening for world class artists like Shpongle & Infected Mushroom.  We are pleased to continue this story with you and EVØLV into new dimensions of sound and consciousness.

The first major announcement is that DISSØLV will now be fronted by original member and Violinist, Valentin Santana.  He is now the lead producer and songwriter, carrying the torch forward and bringing new music to life!

Liam Shy is still providing production assistance and will perform at select shows from time to time on TBA basis.

The new music of DISSØLV will be taking an even more sophisticated approach, incorporating the tools of Sound Activation, such as Entrainment Frequencies and Tuning to 432hz in instead of 440hz.  We are committed to bringing you conscious, authentic vibrations to stimulate and awaken you on every level.

Stay tuned, our fresh EP for 2014 has just been completed and is gearing up to release to the world very, very soon.

Thanks for staying with us on our journey!

Your friends,


Radiohead RMX is up!

We've just finished our remix of Radiohead's "Exit Music For A Film"  It was an enormous effort as we wanted to do it right and took over 2 months to complete.

It is a cerebral dubstep take on the original and it was our goal to produce something that would do Radiohead justice and support the original intention and energy of the song.

Bassnectar called our remix "Clean, Powerful and Gorgeous".

Listen via our Soundcloud

[soundcloud width="100%" height="81" params="amp" url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/15893928"]


It's available as a free download for fans via our Facebook http://www.facebook.com/dissolv


Welcome to the new DISSØLV

In case you are wondering, yes we are the band formerly known as "Dissolve" from San Francisco.  After much thought and consideration we decided to re-brand and re-name as "DISSØLV" mostly to clear up any confusion with the New York Hardcore Band whom we discovered we were sharing a name with.  This should help differentiate and ensure accurate tagging, songkick feeds, google searches and prevent any, ahem, lawsuits, lol. We have a TON of new music coming soon.  You haven't heard from us for a bit as we have taken the winter and spring to really take the music to the next level.  We can't wait to share with you the dancefloor beasts we have concocted during this period.  All in due time though, all in due time ;)

The really good news is that we are going to be releasing our set from last year, mixed and performed live just as many of you heard it.  This will be the same set that we performed at the Warfield with Infected Mushroom in October 2010.  We are aiming to have that out as a free download for you all in July 2011!!!

We will be keeping in touch with you here.  Please "Like" our new Facebook Fan page and tell your friends ;-) > http://www.facebook.com/dissolv