Burning Man Decompression - Sunday!!

We are VERY excited to perform at Burning Man Decompression in San Francisco this weekend!!  Come check us out at 8pm!!

Dubscouts Stage Decompression Line Up: 12:00-1:00 Matt Octopod Spencer DJ 1:00-1:50 Prize BAND 1:55-2:40 DJ Feral DJ 2:45-3:35 Black Rock City Allstars BAND 3:40-4:25 Carly D DJ 4:30-5:20 Antioquia BAND 5:25-6:10 Grizzly J DJ 6:15-7:05 Vibrant EYEris BAND 7:10-7:55 Eva UltraViolet DJ 8:00-8:50 Dissølv! BAND 8:55-9:40 Jef Stott DJ

Stage will be located on 21st st Sound provided by: Redline