Welcome new band member Zeta Ceti - Drums

We are very, very excited about the new addition to DISSØLV, drummer Zeta Ceti from Oakland, CA.  Zeta performs on a full electronic floor kit with the fury of a thousand bolts of lightning and the finesse of an open heart surgeon.  His energy and talent is an exciting addition to our band and we look forward to blowing your mind with him very soon! Here is his biography:

Zeta is a multi-instrumentalist who specializes in playing drums. His background is psychedelic rock and metal, though he has a thriving interest in electronic dance music. He has been performing music on stage since he was 14 years old and also plays keyboards.

The drum kit Zeta uses is a Dt-Extreme 7 piece electronic drum kit by Yamaha.  While Zeta also performs using acoustic kits, he has incorporated an electronic kit for the Dissølv project so that they can take advantage of twisted drum samples and other sounds one cannot find in traditional drums.

Zeta's philosophy and interest in electronic music stems from his desire to bring something more live and complex than is typically found in pre-recorded drum loops and DJ driven performances. With this in mind he wants to help push electronic music towards a future of hybrid organic and electronic sound creation. " There is something about the primal energy of live drums that resonates within people more than just an electronic beat on the dance floor".

Partenering with DISSØLV, whose core philosophy is to enrich the electronic dance music community with live instrumentation was the perfect fit for Zeta. He looks forward to seeing how their combined energy can raise the dancefloor experience to a whole new level.