New Song - Antifreeze

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We wanted to share this tune with you that was written with our good friend Frost Raven.  It is a wild ride through psytrance, breaks and dubstep taking the dancefloor on a high energy journey.  It was a bit of a creative leap but we feel confident that the over arching themes and sounds make the ride a graceful one that tickles your mind as much as your feet :)

This was released 2 weeks ago and it's up on Beatport now if you'd like to purchase the high quality wav format.  The mp3 is available as a free download!

While it was released under the solo name of "Liam Shy" it embodies many of the feelings of DISSØLV and will be used in our upcoming performances.  Thus we thought it appropriate to share with you here!

Please enjoy and feel free to share with your friends!

For more information on Frost Raven check him out here > and his other project K-Theory here >