DISSØLV is a live sonic journey

through the primal and sacred ritual of dance.

Seeded with Sacred Tuning Systems & Nature Soundscapes.

Conceived with Deep Bass & Tribal Drum.

Birthed with Live instrumentation.

We are committed to bringing you conscious, authentic vibrations to stimulate & elevate.

Our Story

DISSØLV has been on an ever-evolving sonic journey since 2010, with early origins as a live electronic band opening for world-class artists like Shpongle and Infected Mushroom. The story continues to unfold into new dimensions of sound and consciousness as multi-instrumentalists Valentin Santana and Andre Reinero carry the torch onwards, dissolving the minds, bodies and egos of their listeners.

DISSØLV has performed at many transformational festivals and venues from the Warfield and Fillmore theaters of San Francisco to the Opulent Temple of Burning Man and beyond! With three releases forming a trinity of eclectic sounds–from high energy Psytrance and deep, organic Dubstep, to the latest heart-centered Future Bass release on Kalya Scintilla's record label Merkaba Music. 


Our mission lives in co-creating a healing journey that comes to life on the dancefloor. We look forward to providing a sonic journey that dissolves people’s sense of ego conditioning and assists in the recalibration of the authentic self through ritual and dance. By detaching from form, we offer a safe space to explore and reintegrate the essence of our truth through an intentional ceremonial healing experience. We are blessed to be of service through this offering and we are grateful for all of our fans and support that has brought us to where we are today. As we evolve, we will continue to offer conscious authentic vibrations to stimulate and awaken you on every level.

Many thanks to previous Producers & Live Performance Artists

Liam Shy :Sebastian :Rodriguez Zeta Ceti :Lauren Keys



Co Producer

Valentin, a Santa Cruz, CA native with East Coast roots, has focused on tribal percussion and classical violin since the age of five. He has studied continuously throughout his life privately, with orchestras, bands and countless summer attendances at conservatory. Valentin holds a degree and multiple certifications in Audio Recording/Production and Music Therapy.



Co Producer

Andre Reinero has immersed himself in the world of music since he was five years old, making him the accomplished musician and diverse artist he is today. From playing piano and baritone sax in orchestras and jazz bands to busting out psychedelic bass and melodic vocals as a singer songwriter, Andre has known nothing but music his whole life. He now holds a degree in audio production and mixing mastering and will continue to surf the sonic journey wherever the music takes him.


Jasmine Semjase

Performance Artist

Channeling her background in dance, yoga, and the healing arts, Jasmine Semjase is a visionary artist that infuses various dance styles with ceremonial ritual performance in devotion to spiritual healing through celebratory release. By embodying the divine feminine through dance magic, she helps hold the visual container of the sonic experience as DISSØLV's Ceremonial Priestess. 

Contact Us For Booking Inquiries: CONTACT@DISSOLV.NET